Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He loves to jump!

Web had a great week and weekend last week. He finally made it through the green beans and then perfected carrots. Now we've moved on to sweet potatoes. He tried the jumper thing last week for the first time and LOVED it. So much he can't get enough and even jumped himself until he passed out in it the other day!

We had a great visit with GG and PopPop over the weekend. Web showed off all weekend of course and they fell even more in love with his sweet personality. They even let mommy and daddy go on a date which was much appreciated.

Web's friend Emma was born today! We are so excited. There were a few scary moments today but the result was a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We cannot wait to meet her this weekend. She is a very lucky girl and has wonderful parents.

We can't believe Web will be 6 months old this week! Wow! It has flown by!

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  1. Yep Roman loved that Bounce thing too. I too thought he would walk early but he was too busy talking to be bothered with walking (of course I won't say how spoiled he was by being carried everywhere so he really didn't need to bother). I too am so proud of the way he is growing but I do wish you'd slow him down some. Give him a big hug from Aunt Jennifer and the boys.