Sunday, March 29, 2009

Web continues to amaze us everyday. He is a very happy little boy and his smiles and laughs overjoy us. He is doing great and his daddy swears he will be walking any day. He loves to stand. He tried vegetables for the first time yesterday. We started with squash. He actually seemed to like it and just kept on eating like he did not even know he got anything different. Lets hope he likes vegetables better than his daddy! He is almost 15.5 pounds now. We can't believe how big he's getting! This week he gets to see some live bunnies and have his picture taken!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Templetons have had a very big week and weekend! Web did get sick last week and the Dr. confirmed he had a virus but fought it off very well! We left Thursday and went and saw the Webster side of the family for a short visit. The dogs were staying with them, but they got sick too. We had to take them to the vet and leave GG and PopPop with medicine asssignments. Friday we got up early and left for a NC tour! We went and saw Grandma and Grandpa T in Pilot Mountain, as well as Aunt Kathy, Uncle Pete and Erik's cousin Logan. Then we went to see Grandma Reece in Mt. Airy. It was great fun for everyone to see how how he's grown. They couldn't belive it.

Next we went to Greensboro for the big event of the weekend, Roman's birthday. His birthday was actually Thursday but we celebrated Saturday. Roman and his friends went to a Bounce house place on Saturday morning. Then we all met up at his house for cake and presents. Web couldn't keep his eyes off the kids and was very jealous of all their toys. I can just see him following Roman around next year driving him crazy! He loved spending time with his Nana, Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Tad. They spoiled him!

It was a very good weekend and Web loved seeing everyone. He will sleep well this week!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots of Big Happenings!

Well, Web had another big week. He took his first real bath where he sat in the water. He seemed to enjoy it. Although its still not his favorite thing, bathetic is definitely improving. Web also went out to dinner for the first time Saturday night with our friends Jason and Caroline. He did great. He did however protest sleep ALL day Saturday so by dinner time he was definitely sleepy. The other big happening was he played in his "exersaucer" for the first time. He loved it. He loves standing anyway and he felt like such a bog boy in it. Wow, this blogging thing really helps me realize how much can change in just a week.

Now Web is looking forward to a big visit to his GG and PopPop, Grandma Reece, Grandma and Grandpa T, Nana, and Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Tad, and his sweet cousin Roman! We can't believe Roman is turning 6! It will be another big week for the Templetons!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big week!

We've had a very big week! Mommy went back to work :(! All went well but I sure missed the little guy. He rolled over 3 times in a row one day. He started solid foods once a day and we managed to get his laugh on audio and video recording. He is growing so much, so fast and literally changes everyday. I have had a cold and we thought he was getting it too, we took him to the Doctor and luckily it is just in his sinuses, not his chest, but he weighed 14 lbs, 9.5oz!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Greetings everyone! We have been trying to figure out a good way to keep you up to date on the latest Web happenings.  We figured what better way than a blog. He is truly the joy of our lives. Every day he amazes us in a new way! I never thought it would be possible but he keeps getting cuter and cuter. He is 4 months old now, and although he arrived early he is catching up perfectly. He smiles all the time and giggles a lot too. Today I got the second big belly laugh out of him and it was the greatest sound I've ever heard. We are going to update this frequently with stories and pictures so make sure you come back!