Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Words and walks!

Web had a big weekend of adventures! Saturday he went to his first Farmers Market. He loved riding around and looking at everyone.

Sunday he decided that he was tired of just cooing and laughing and thought he would try the real thing. Out of the blue he started saying da da da da da and several other things of that nature. He gets very proud of himself and really loves it when you talk back! Sunday morning we went to Church, the nursery was not open so he came into the grown up church with us. Needless to say he thought that was the appropriate time to talk to. Sunday afternoon we went for a family walk around Fairfield lake. Web loved looking around at everything for a short time but then decided that it was nap time. So mommy and daddy got exercise while he caught up on some zzz's. Must be nice to sleep anywhere!

1 comment:

  1. that is so sweet. Make sure you get a video of him talking. Of course if he's anything like Roman was he'll clam up as soon as the video starts rolling.